Mark Stern design



Hi! I'm Mark Stern. I've always been a "creative type". From my earliest memories as a child I was amusing my friends with my cartoons. I was the comics-obsessed kid drawing Spider-Man or Calvin & Hobbes in the margins of my notebook while receiving countless detentions and reprimands from my exasperated school teachers trying to get me to focus on their daily lessons. I decided to channel that creative energy and graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2001 with a B.S. in graphic design, and since then I've amassed over 17 years of experience working with ad agencies, corporations, universities and everything in between.

Before I start to design, I research. I'll research your competition, similar industries, opposite industries, and everything in between. I'll gather inspiration and talk with you about your goals and vision. Communication is a core component of my process, because without you, there is no process. We work as partners to revise proposed concepts and create something that’s not only beautiful – it’s a solution to a problem. So go ahead, send me an email about your project and let’s work together to make something great.

When I’m not at my computer, I enjoy reading, movies, road trips, music, hiking with my dog Ripley, and playing hockey. I publish my drawings and comics over at the, too.